Tour of Our All-White California Beach House Living Room…

When we first moved into our new boat dock home about a year ago, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with the living room. All I knew is I wanted shiplap from top to bottom, and I wanted it bright, airy and beachy. Well, the shiplap proved to be more difficult than expected, since it would have cost a fortune to shiplap the 15+ foot high ceilings in the living room. So, to compromise we decided to go with a board and batten wall. After measuring twice and cutting once, we painted everything in a bright white and things took off from there. Things really fell into place. Not only when it comes to the furniture, but also the feeling of finally being at home. It is amazing what a little bit of paint, a few new pieces of furniture and a little imagination can do. It really can create a home where you want to sit and relax and just love being in.

After having unpacked a few moving boxes, our first order of business was a trip to IKEA. I have to admit when I mentioned I wanted an all-white couch, I received a few raised eyebrows, especially since we have two young boys and a black dog. But not only has the couch frame has held up nice (I can report after about a year), but it has proved incredibly easy to remove the white cover to wash even when there are a few stains or dog hair. (I have to say though no one is allowed to eat on the couch. Eating is for the table.)

After buying the couch, we also bought three more chairs to allow for a lot of seating and a storage ottoman. Naturally also in white. To make the living room a little more beachy, we also bought several of IKEA’s flatwoven jute rugs.

While browsing one night on eBay looking at nautical decor, I discovered several vintage paddles and oars. I immediately knew I wanted to display a variety of them along the opposite wall of the board and batten. Also, wanting to avoid putting a gazillian nails into the wall, I found these vintage oar racks online. You can find it here – Royal Barge Oar Rack (affiliate link). I ended up buying three of them.

I’m loving how it turned out. In the few empty spots, I added some blankets and a vintage nautical lantern. I think everything together adds so much character and coziness, especially with the white furniture. And the best part is, it would be super easy to swap them out for different oars and paddles, since they slide right in.

After a few more trips to Home Goods for pillows, side tables, lamps and some nautical decor items, like the wooden whale, which I lovingly call ‘my Nantucket whale,’ as well as a few purchases on facebook marketplace for a TV stand and a wicker woven entry bench, which were both a bargain and a fraction of what they would have cost elsewhere, I am happy to say our living room is now complete and a cozy and inviting spot.

Especially with the vintage row boat overhead. Another one of those facebook marketplace finds, which was too good to pass up. It took some planning and a very tall ladder, which we rented from Home Depot for the day, but when you tell your husband you want something, he will get it done, even if it includes attaching and installing a block and tackle system. After everything was finished, I added a pair of battery-operated string lights with a timer and remote to make it easy to turn on and off and to add that final touch of coziness.

I think our living room turned out pretty cute, but let me know what you think!

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