Turn Your Closet Into Cash


If you are like me, your closet is probably bursting at the seams right now. With all the new fall purchase additions, it is hard to navigate what is still inside and what is not, which top you still wear and which one not, and what shoes go best with that particular outfit and which not. And with the holidays just around the corner, it will only get worse. New winter items and Christmas gifts will surely make it impossible to find anything anymore! But fear not, because I think I might have a solution! The other day I found a way to clean out that closet, use those clothes that have been collecting dust and clogging up that closet and earn a little cash. And who doesn’t want to earn a few dollars or keep cash in a wallet with the holiday shopping season just around the corner.


While searching the Internet the other day looking for a sweater that turned out to be from last fall season, I stumbled upon Poshmark. A website to buy and sell fashion. It is as easy as signing up, taking a few pictures and people can view and buy your items.

It takes less than a few seconds to create your account and only a few minutes to take and upload pictures of your clothes you don’t want anymore. Add a price and publish it! Poshmark does keep a small percentage for every sale you make but the platform allows you to network and get your clothes viewed by millions of followers boosting your chances of making a sale.

Conditions of the clothes by the way range from gently used to completely new with tags, all at a very steep discount. I personally have also already purchased two items and the sales have been amazing. Fast shipping and great communication. And the clothes were in the exact condition the sellers said they would be.

Another way to earn a few bucks or better keep them in your wallet is H&M’s recycle your clothes program. Rather than throw your unwanted clothes in the trash can, where they end up in landfills, the program allows you to bring bags of clothes into the store and earn a discount coupon in return. And it’s not any coupon but a 15% of your entire next purchase coupon.


I personally have turned dozens of grocery shopping bags into discount coupons so far and enjoyed using them on my purchases, especially when I go shopping for my boys. All you have to do is fill a bag with at least three items and it doesn’t matter what condition they are in – I am serious even torn or stain-covered – or what brand they are from, just walk into an H&M and up to a cashier and hand them the bag and you in return get a green voucher card. They even take underwear, old socks, towels and entire bed sheets. And the best is there is not even a limit on how many bags you can drop off! Totally easy!

So, open those closet doors and dresser drawers and pull out those unwanted clothes! Not only are you making room, but you are also putting money back into your wallet and on top of it all are helping the environment. Rather than clogging up landfills, clothes are given new life either by being worn by someone who finally got a chance to buy that particular item or as insulation material, shoe insoles or even stuffed toys thanks to H&M. I honestly think it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, especially in the next few weeks with the holidays approaching. So HAPPY SHOPPING!

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