Der Schokoladenosterhase: A Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Easter Bunny With A Long History …

Spring is upon us and with it comes not only a sense of renewal and beautiful flowers, but sweets and treats. Beautiful, delicious, fresh and colorful, like der Erdbeerkuchen, die Himbeertorte or das Rhabarberkompott. All are just a few of the seasonal delights which are sure to bring a smile to those taste buds. But,... Continue Reading →

Glühwein: Germany’s Heart-Warming Christmas Punch…

Nothing says it's Christmastime quite like sipping that first cup of Glühwein. Especially while strolling among decorated booths at a German Weihnachtsmarkt on a cold winter's night. Served in tiny mugs, it warms your toes, smells and tastes good and is Germany's most loved and heart-warming holiday drink! Glühwein literally translates into 'glow wine,' because of the way it... Continue Reading →

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