Last, last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes ….(for anyone)


If you are like me Halloween usually comes way to quickly. I mean, I get costumes for my boys way ahead of time but when it comes to myself, I wait until the last second. And usually I have to come up with something using things around the house. And this year is no exception. So, I walked around the house and came up with a pile of things like a black shirt, empty candy wrappers (lets be honest not all the candy makes it to the trick-or-treaters, right?), empty bottles, my Starbucks drink from this morning, a white bed sheet and a toilet paper roll. And a mummy and theater floor costume are born!


The theater floor costume was pretty easy I just stole a black t-shirt from my husband and started to tape all the trash that I found around the house all over the shirt.

I even popped a bag of popcorn and smashed them and taped it as well. I mean everything went on the shirt even my son’s empty chocolate soymilk container along with a receipt and an old movie theater ticket.


The second costume would have been way better if I would have cut and ripped the sheet into strips and wrapped more toilet paper around. Dipping the strips into coffee and letting them dry would have also given the costume a vintage feel, but do to time constraint I just wrapped it around and added some toilet paper. It still turned out pretty cute but I think that was because of the subject.

In a pinch these costumes work great. So look around the house you never know what you will find!

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