Last Minute Halloween Prep for the Whole Family

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We tackled our last minute Halloween prep today. This year marks the first year that we will be out and about trick or treating just like everyone else. Previous years we pretty much stayed home and handed out candy since my oldest wasn’t really into walking from door to door and dressing up. This year is completely different! He has been excited about Halloween for weeks now and has finally decided on a costume. So since we will be out and about getting our own treats this year, I want to make sure that our little porch is ready for all the trick or treaters! We usually have a lot. So many that the entire street is blocked off, so I want to make sure that we still have a cool set up for all the kids that come by! Our main two stops to accomplish that goal of course are Walmart and Target. They have everything. From decor to costumes to candy. Both have free 2-day shipping for most orders of $35+ and you can always order online and pick up the same day! We did just that for all of our Halloween candy and a few of our decorations!


For about $3, we got this great big white spider web which we stretched out across the front of the porch and added in a few more black glittery spiders for another $2. The web already came with a few spiders but my 4-year-old had fun adding just a few more! The spiders are really realistic-looking and they can go anywhere you want! And the best is you can always reuse them next year!

We also got big bags of candy. What is Halloween without candy! We decided to go with the mixed bags of snickers, m&m’s, twix, and 3 musketeers. And even if you haven’t stocked up yet, there is still time. That’s the beauty of 2-day free shipping or my current favorite order online and pick up the same day!



At Target, we also stumbled upon some really cool looking witches hats in the dollar section. For $2, we decided to take two of them home and turn them into floating witches hats.

It turned out pretty nice. We used fishing line to tie around the top of the hats and stuffed some grocery bags into the inside to make them look full. It gives the front porch a little bit of a Harry Potter flair! We also bought another bag of Halloween critters from their Hyde and Eek Boutique. They come in a bag of 25 and include spiders, snakes and centipedes. They definitely help to give it a spooky feel!



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